【Good boy賀一誠攔截六四動議】

President Ho blocked a vote on the June 4th Incident




2019 is the 30th anniversary of the 1989 democratization movement and the June 4th Incident. Earlier, Ng Kuok Cheong António吳國昌, Au Kam San 區錦新 and I introduced a vote of expression in the Legislative Assembly.

Yet, President Ho Iat Seng, who is running for Chief Executive, rejected the vote, claiming that it violates the Rules of Procedures and is out of the boundary of automony of Macau. We vigorously disagree with his argument and will refute his decision in an appeal later on.

In fact, our vote of expression involves salutation, condolences, protest and censure and prefectly complies with the Rules of Procedures. Moreover, the Legislative Assembly has previously voted on the Shenzhou space program, the Sichuan earthquake and Mr Liu Xiaobo getting a Nobel Prize. They are all about China. Why can’t this vote on the June 4th Incident be accepted?

Does it mean that the Legislative Assembly of Macau can only eulogize the country but not expressing the truth on our history?