New Macau Association invites Chief Executive to discuss Mutual Driving License Recognition 20190314

The policy of Macau and Mainland Driving License Mutual Recognition continues to arouse serious social divergence. Following the demonstration held last Saturday (9th), the new Macau Association (NMA), together with deputy Sou Ka Hou, formally sent a letter to the Chief Executive (CE) Chui Sai On to arrange a meeting on this matter.

In the Letter, NMA expresses the hope to have a candid dialogue on various aspects, including discussing the current status and progress of the signing of the Mutual Driving License Recognition Agreement, analyzing the situation and key points of social disputes arising from the mutual recognition, and assessing in what way the disputes will affect how the citizens view the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area planning, as well as other feasible options to tackle such disputes.

Along with the serious car accidents caused by mainland drivers in recent months in Macau, the community is filled with anxiety. Entrusted by the families of the victims of the car accidents, NMA wishes that the CE’s Office will arrange a meeting in the short term. Through direct communication, we will try our best to narrow the social divergence and resolve the public conflicts. Depending on the response of the CE, NMA will actively consider the follow-up work.